Your Best Choice Is Our Great Passion

Danat A’Zaman Company L.L.C. was established in 1991 in the Sultanate of Oman with the introduction of our first brand, Al Makshood “Premium Royal Dutch Pure Butter Ghee”. Responding quickly to the success of Al Makshood and with an increasing demand for dairy products, we launched instant milk powder products under our second brand Good Cow. To further diversify our growing portfolio of products, we introduced instant juices and fruit cordials under the brand name Al Deyafa in 2006. We will soon be launching a range of other ready to drink products to strengthen our presence and capture an even bigger market share of the beverage industry

A long-term focus on not just our partners and business interests but most importantly our customers, our brand and product portfolio now include instant fruit juices and other beverages as well. The pursuit of the highest quality, continuous innovation, and value-adding processes form the foundation of Danat A Zaman and this is evident in our day to day processes right from sourcing raw materials, to packing to distribution. Our strength lies in our propriety brands that are popular not just in the Sultanate of Oman, but in various other parts of the world. Our stringent regulations and production policies have earned us accreditations from prestigious organisation bodies such as ISO 22000 and HACCP certificate from Veritas Bureau

Our timeline

  • Introduction of One time serve size and new product range under SWIFT Brand 
  • Introduction of Fruit Cordial Al Deyafa Pomegranate Flavour
  • Introduction of Fruit Cordial Al Deyafa Mixed Berries Flavour
  • Introduction of Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa based product range
  • Introduction of new range of fruit flavors
  • Private label Deal with Dubai Duty-Free as well as most Duty-Free Shops all over GCC, Sudan and India
  • Introduction of Al Deyafa Instant Drink powder Aluminium Packets
  • Second private label Deal with LULU Hypermarket 
  • First private label deal with S.M Tryfon Cyprus, Jango
  • Introduction of Al Deyafa Instant Drink Glass Jar 
  • Introduction of Al Deyafa Instant Drink Powder Tin Can
  • Introduction of Good Cow milk powder  
  • Establishment
  • Introduction of all Makshood 
  • Premium royal Dutch pure butter Ghee

Our Vision

Together, we make hospitality and refreshment an immersive experience

Our Mission

To provide customers with fresh, safe and delicious instant & quick food products at affordable prices from the heart of Omani hospitality.

Our Value

Innovation, Quality, efficiency, affordability